Almé & Addingwell: Strategic evolution towards Server-Side Tracking

Almé & Addingwell: Strategic evolution towards Server-Side Tracking

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, marked by the advent of new regulations and technological progress, brands must navigate a complex environment to ensure efficient and compliant data collection. Almé Paris, a French clothing brand designed for all body types and celebrating women from size 36 to 54, turned to Addingwell to meet this major challenge.

The Challenge: Navigating a changing digital landscape

Aware of the changes in the digital landscape, especially the phasing out of third-party cookies, Almé Paris sought a solution to continue collecting digital data. With a SEA acquisition strategy, and significant presence on META, the challenge was formidable: How to provide the algorithm with enough information for better personalization of marketing campaigns, while navigating an environment unfriendly to data collection?

Solutions and Benefits: The advent of Server-Side Tracking with Addingwell
"Since integrating Addingwell's Server-Side solution, we've seen over a 40% increase in data collected on Meta, amplifying our efficiency across all acquisition channels."

The collaboration with Addingwell introduced Almé Paris to Server-Side Tracking, a technology that allows for data collection directly from the server, thus eliminating problems associated with ad blockers and browser restrictions. This partnership led to tangible results:

  • An increase of more than 40% in data collected on Meta for the "purchase" event
  • Increased efficiency of campaigns across all acquisition channels
  • Significant improvement in the quality and reliability of data, allowing Almé to double its forecasted revenue for 2023.

The collaboration between Almé Paris and Addingwell demonstrates that with the right technology partner, businesses can not only adapt to regulatory and technological changes but also leverage these developments to significantly improve their marketing performance. Thanks to its successful transition to Server-Side Tracking, Almé Paris stands as a model of success in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

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