Cafpi & Addingwell: Enhancing data collection with Server-Side Tracking

Cafpi & Addingwell: Enhancing data collection with Server-Side Tracking

Cafpi, a leader in mortgage brokerage in France, turned to Addingwell to strengthen its tracking strategy. In today's landscape, marked by constantly evolving privacy regulations and technological innovations, adapting effectively is essential to stay competitive.

The challenge: Improving data collection and preparing for a cookie-less future

Aware of the impending end of third-party cookies and the challenges posed by increasing browser restrictions, Cafpi needed to improve the accuracy of its data collection to maintain the effectiveness of its acquisition campaigns.

How can effective data collection be ensured in a future without third-party cookies? This major challenge required a strategy capable of adapting to a constantly changing digital landscape, where data reliability and compliance become crucial performance criteria.

Solutions and benefits: Adopting Server-Side Tracking with Addingwell
Marc Pilette - Marketing Director
"Thanks to Addingwell, we've successfully established a robust infrastructure for our tracking, seamlessly integrating essential tools like GA4, Google Ads, and Meta, while adhering to GDPR regulations.” — Marc Pilette, Marketing Director at Cafpi.

Cafpi decided to implement Addingwell to adapt its tracking to the new cookie-less landscape. Here are some notable benefits:

  • Optimized Tracking Performance: With Addingwell’s proactive approach and expertise, Cafpi significantly improved its data collection.
  • Enhanced Media Campaign Efficiency: This increased accuracy boosted the effectiveness of campaigns through better conversion attribution.
  • Compliance & Reliability: Transitioning to Server-Side tracking offers a solution to browser limitations, ensuring more reliable and secure data collection. Addingwell enabled Cafpi to integrate key tools such as GA4, Google Ads, and Meta.

The collaboration between Cafpi and Addingwell is a perfect example of how a strategic alliance can turn challenges into opportunities.

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