Discover Pickers: New certified Addingwell partner

Discover Pickers: New certified Addingwell partner

The digital marketing landscape is characterized by its fast pace and constant need for innovation. At the core of this industry, the strength of a solid network of certified partners is indispensable. At Addingwell, we deeply value collaboration and the sharing of expertise that stems from these partnerships.

Today, we are proud to spotlight our new certified partner: Pickers. This collaboration signifies our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and enriching our ecosystem with partners who possess deep expertise and a shared vision of success in digital marketing.

Introduction to Pickers

Could you briefly introduce Pickers? What is your mission and what types of services do you offer to your clients?

Pickers is a digital acquisition agency based in Paris and Lyon, founded on three areas of expertise: digital advertising (Ads), search engine optimization (SEO), and content creation for social media (Social Ads). Our goal is to address the growth challenges of leading digital brands.

Discovery of Addingwell

How did Addingwell come across your path? What prompted you to explore our Server-Side Tracking solution?

Addingwell first came into contact with our Ads department director, Vincent Olivier Seguy, through interactions with Addingwell's teams. Vincent was seeking to offer one of the most performant solutions on the market to our clients for implementing a Server-Side Tracking solution. Addingwell was recommended by various colleagues and clients, so it seemed natural for us to test the solution.

Deployment of Addingwell

How was your initial Addingwell training experience? What did you like about Addingwell's approach?

The agency's Ads teams received specific support from Addingwell's teams, with a consultant available to train and answer various questions. This support enabled us to quickly execute the setup and deployment of the tool.

The importance of Server-Side tracking

In your opinion, what is the importance of Server-Side in the current digital ecosystem? How does this change the game for your clients?

In a constantly evolving digital ecosystem, especially with the evolution of various data exploitation regulations, Server-Side solutions allow us to comply with these changes while minimizing data loss for our clients.

Return on investment

Can you share a success example or a case where the implementation of Server-Side Tracking via Addingwell has generated significant ROI for one of your clients? What were the challenges, and how were they overcome?

The solution has been implemented for various clients, including Project x Paris and brands within the Cléon group. It is still too early to have precise feedback; however, we have noticed progress in data collection and look forward to sharing more information regarding our clients' ROI.

Become a certified Addingwell partner

Are you a freelancer or an agency looking to push the boundaries of digital acquisition? Join our network of certified partners. Addingwell offers you not only cutting-edge technology to refine your clients' digital strategies but also a partnership relationship enriched by knowledge sharing and mutual growth.