Discover Smart Bees: New Addingwell certified partner

Discover Smart Bees: New Addingwell certified partner

In an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, the importance of a robust and innovative partner network cannot be overstated. That's why at Addingwell, we place great importance on our network of certified partners, which fosters enriching collaboration and expertise sharing.

Today, we are pleased to introduce Smart Bees, our new certified partner, embodying our commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions and strengthening our ecosystem with partners who share a common vision of success in digital marketing.

Introduction to Smart Bees

Could you briefly introduce Smart Bees? What is your mission and what types of services do you offer to your clients?

Smart Bees is a data marketing & analytics consulting firm, specializing in proprietary data utilization. We assist marketing teams in understanding and leveraging their data for marketing performance. We work on issues related to the management of our clients' digital activity through data: Tracking, Server-side, Customer Data Platform... We ensure that our clients' data is available, compliant, reliable, and accessible.

Discovery of Addingwell

How did Addingwell come into your path? What prompted you to explore our Server-Side Tracking solution?

We crossed paths about a year ago on a mutual client. We were able to exchange with Romain to understand the benefits of the Addingwell solution compared to other implementation possibilities.

Deployment of Addingwell

How was your initial Addingwell training experience? What did you like about Addingwell's approach?

What we like at Smart Bees about the Addingwell approach is the ability to capitalize on an optimized Server-Side setup in record time, in addition to offering an SLA that is more than reassuring for some advertisers in the market, especially regarding server management and maintenance in GCP.

The Importance of Server-Side Tracking

In your opinion, what is the importance of Server-Side in the current digital ecosystem? How does this change the game for your clients?

At Smart Bees, we are convinced that client-side data collection, via JS tags, has its limitations. JS tags overload websites, resulting in longer loading times, which can discourage visitors from continuing their navigation. Moreover, constantly evolving ad blockers and privacy changes question the reliability of the collected data. Server-Side tracking offers a more flexible and efficient approach to managing data collection and sending. Our vision at Smart Bees is to create a personalized data platform through the Server-Side setup!

Become a certified Addingwell partner

Are you a freelancer or an agency looking to push the boundaries of digital acquisition? Join our network of certified partners. Addingwell offers you not only cutting-edge technology to refine your clients' digital strategies but also a partnership relationship enriched by knowledge sharing and mutual growth.