Discover WeBird: New Addingwell certified partner

Discover WeBird: New Addingwell certified partner

In the ever-evolving ecosystem of digital marketing, surrounding oneself with certified, dynamic, and innovative partners is crucial for success. At Addingwell, we greatly value the collaboration and expertise-sharing that our network of certified partners brings.

Today, we are thrilled to highlight our new certified partner: WeBird, an agency that perfectly embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of digital marketing.

Introduction to WeBird

Could you briefly introduce WeBird? What is your mission and what types of services do you offer to your clients?

WeBird is a human-sized digital marketing agency composed of experienced profiles. We assist our clients in defining their web strategies comprehensively: from awareness, acquisition (SEO, SEA), transformation, content, to analytics.

Discovery of Addingwell

How did Addingwell come into your path? What prompted you to explore our Server-Side Tracking solution?

We were looking for an effective GTM Server-Side solution, and we encountered Addingwell during MeasureCamp Paris.

The importance of Server-Side Tracking

In your opinion, what is the importance of Server-Side in today's digital ecosystem? How does it change the game for your clients?

Developments in analytics data processing are essentials topics. At WeBird, we focus on performance. Therefore, finding solutions to the end of third-party cookies is an integral part of the strategy proposed to our clients.

Return on investment

Can you share a success example or a case where the implementation of Server-Side Tracking via Addingwell has generated significant ROI for one of your clients? What were the challenges, and how were they overcome?

In 2023, we advised our clients to plan the implementation of Server-Side in 2024. Today, almost all of them are in place, and this has accelerated with the March 6 deadline and the requirement for consent mode V2. The first results are being felt, especially in conversions on Facebook Ads thanks to the implementation of Meta CAPI. For other channels, we are waiting to have more perspective.

Become a certified Addingwell Partner

Are you a freelancer or agency leader looking to push the boundaries of digital acquisition? Join our network of certified partners. Addingwell offers you not only cutting-edge technology to refine your clients' digital strategies, but also a partnership enriched by knowledge sharing and mutual growth.