Discover Wedig: New certified partner Addingwell

Discover Wedig: New certified partner Addingwell

In the dynamic ecosystem of digital marketing, the importance of surrounding oneself with a solid and innovative network of certified partners cannot be underestimated. At Addingwell, we fully recognize this dynamic and strive to expand our circle with trusted partners, bringing new perspectives and mutual expertise sharing.

We are thrilled to introduce Wedig, our new Certified Partner Addingwell. This partnership signifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions while enriching our network with partners who possess deep knowledge and a shared ambition to excel in the field of digital marketing.

Introduction to Wedig

Could you briefly introduce Wedig? What is your mission and what types of services do you offer to your clients?

Wedig is a digital marketing agency whose mission is to help businesses generate leads, enhance their visibility, and achieve growth. Our expertise covers:

  • Digital strategy
  • Paid search (SEA): Google Ads, Social Ads, Display…
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): content generation, semantic analysis, link building, audit…
  • Social media
  • Marketing automation
  • No-code tools
  • Growth Hacking
  • Web analytics
  • Digital marketing training (Wedig Academy)
Discovery of Addingwell

How did Addingwell come into your path? What prompted you to explore our Server-Side Tracking solution?

Addingwell stood out in the Server-Side solutions ecosystem, and we established contact, convinced by their mode of operation and team spirit.

Deployment of Addingwell

How was your initial Addingwell training experience? What did you like about Addingwell's approach?

The deployment was successful, supported by a responsive and competent team, although the initiation of technical support took some time. Interactions with Addingwell are smooth and efficient in the quality of exchanges. We make Addingwell a key partner for all tracking topics, due to the efficiency of the solution and the support provided.

The importance of Server-Side Tracking

In your opinion, what is the importance of Server-Side in the current digital ecosystem? How does this change the game for your clients?

Visibility into audience and conversion data is essential for steering our marketing actions. The client has a better view of the results and necessary directions. Our clients are reassured because the collaboration between Addingwell and Wedig ultimately allows for a single point of contact for our clients and an overview of their digital environment.

Become a certified Addingwell partner

Are you a freelancer or agency leader aspiring to push the boundaries of digital acquisition? Join our network of certified partners. Addingwell offers you not only cutting-edge technology to refine your clients' digital strategies, but also a partnership enriched by knowledge sharing and mutual growth.