MeasureCamp Amsterdam: Recap of a day of analytics and digital marketing

MeasureCamp Amsterdam: Recap of a day of analytics and digital marketing

On Friday, April 20, 2024, Amsterdam became the epicenter of digital analytics and marketing innovation as it welcomed MeasureCamp. The Addingwell team was present, along with a dynamic community of experts in the fields of analytics and digital marketing, creating an opportunity for knowledge-sharing and networking. Let's dive into the highlights of this day.

Addingwell's insight

In a flagship session, our expert Emmanuel shared the most common pitfalls of Server-Side Tracking, focusing on common challenges and varied strategies for successful implementations. This deep dive highlighted the complexities of the martech ecosystem, offering attendees a glimpse into the seamless integration of specialized tools.

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Key topics

This MeasureCamp Amsterdam day featured a wide range of topics and lively discussions from digital marketing and analytics:

  • Server-Side focus: Hosting options and common pitfalls
  • Tagging technology: In-depth exploration of consent and privacy signals in Google marketing products (GA4, Ads, Floodlights)
  • Advanced analytics and team management: AI & team culture
  • Data and performance measurement: Attribution, Server-Side, GA4, and more
  • Consumer data: Zero-party data and personalization strategies

On this special day, the Addingwell team also gave away the Millennium Falcon and the Mandalorian helmet in Lego! A real treat for Star Wars fans!

Dive into Server-Side Tracking with Addingwell

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