MeasureCamp Bologna: Recap of a day immersed in the world of analytics and digital marketing

MeasureCamp Bologna: Recap of a day immersed in the world of analytics and digital marketing

On Saturday, March 9, 2024, the Addingwell team marked its presence at MeasureCamp Bologna, an essential gathering for those operating in the realm of data and analysis. The event provided an ideal setting for sharing, learning, and networking around the advancements and innovations in digital analysis and marketing strategies. Here's the debrief of the day!

Expertise shared by Addingwell

Our expert, Emmanuel, delivered an engaging workshop focused on Server-Side Tagging Hosting, with a particular emphasis on the most common pitfalls in Server-Side. He explored the challenges and varied strategies concerning Server-Side hosting, thus providing an enlightened overview of the martech ecosystem. These exchanges allowed participants to navigate better between specialized tools and global solutions.

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Topics explored

Discussions at MeasureCamp Bologna embraced a diversity of essential themes, reflecting the current and future dynamics in the digital marketing and analytics sector. The subjects gravitated around :

  • The evolution of web analysis and Server-Side Tracking
  • Mastering GA4 for comprehensive insights
  • Leveraging BigQuery for advanced data management
  • Cloudflare's role in enhancing web performance and security

In addition to these highlighted topics, there were many other subjects that fueled discussions and facilitated networking within the analytics community, showcasing the vast and varied interests and expertise present at the event. These wide-ranging discussions provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of digital marketing and analytics.

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