MeasureCamp Brussels: A Day Immersed in the World of Digital Analytics

MeasureCamp Brussels: A Day Immersed in the World of Digital Analytics

On Saturday, December 2nd, Addingwell participated in MeasureCamp Brussels, a landmark event for enthusiasts of digital analytics. It was a day rich in sharing, learning, and networking. Here's a recap of the highlights.

Sessions Hosted by Addingwell

The day's highlights included two sessions led by our experts. The first focused on the pitfalls of Server-Side hosting, and the second on Facebook CAPI. These sessions provided an opportunity to share our expertise and discuss complex use cases, illustrating how our approach to Server-Side Tracking can revolutionize digital analytics strategies.

Overview of Topics Discussed

The conferences covered various key topics, reflecting current and future trends in digital analytics, here's a preview:

  • A/B Testing
  • Server-Side Tracking
  • Google Consent Mode
  • Cross-Site Tracking
  • Tagging Setup
  • Facebook CAPI
The importance of Facebook CAPI and Server-Side

With the rising importance of data privacy, optimal implementation of Facebook CAPI is crucial for maintaining targeted and effective advertising. Managing servers is not an easy task and requires specific skills, especially in DevOps. Addingwell is here to handle the complexities of Server-Side Tracking, allowing you to focus on your marketing strategies.

Explore Server-Side with Addingwell

Interested in Server-Side strategies or curious about how our solutions can boost your business? Contact us to schedule a free demo with our experts. Take this opportunity to dive into the world of Server-Side Tracking and see what Addingwell can bring to your strategy.

For Server-Side Explorers

Our free sandbox is available for you to test, explore, and start your adventure in the innovative world of Server-Side Tracking with Addingwell. Embark on a practical exploration and discover the potential of our solutions for yourself.