MeasureCamp Helsinki: Recap of a day dedicated to analytics and digital marketing evolution

MeasureCamp Helsinki: Recap of a day dedicated to analytics and digital marketing evolution

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, the city of Helsinki hosted MeasureCamp, drawing in the Addingwell team along with numerous professionals from the analytics and digital marketing spheres. This event carved out a perfect platform for participants to dive deep into the latest advancements and exchange innovative strategies in the digital analysis and marketing. Here's a rundown of the enlightening day.

Insights shared by Addingwell

Our expert, Emmanuel, spearheaded an immersive session on the most common pitfalls in Server-Side Tracking, with a keen focus on the intricate challenges and diverse strategies around Server-Side implementations, offering a rich perspective on navigating the martech landscape. This session was illuminating the path to integrating specialized tools and holistic solutions effectively.

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Topics of the day

The MeasureCamp Helsinki edition was abuzz with a series of discussions that spanned a wide array of pivotal topics, underscoring the dynamic and evolving nature of the digital marketing and analytics industry. Here's a glimpse into the core sessions that captivated the audience:

  • Server-Side Focus: Enhancing privacy and performance
  • Tagging technologies and strategies
  • Advanced analytics and google tools integration 

Alongside these focal points, the event was rich with discussions on a variety of subjects, from tagging strategies to the integration of Google's powerhouse tools, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and networking amongst the community of analytics enthusiasts.

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