Pyrenex & Addingwell: A successful transition to Server-Side Tracking

Pyrenex & Addingwell: A successful transition to Server-Side Tracking

In today's digital landscape, characterized by constant technological advancements and evolving regulations, companies are facing new challenges to ensure reliable and compliant data collection. Pyrenex, a renowned French brand in the fashion and home accessories sector, has not been spared from these challenges: how to ensure reliable and compliant data collection without relying on a traditional dataLayer? Thanks to a strategic partnership with Addingwell, Pyrenex has succeeded in transforming its approach to digital tracking by adopting Server-Side Tracking. This collaboration has not only strengthened the reliability of data collection but has also prepared the company for a future without third-party cookies.

The challenge: Reliable tracking without a DataLayer

Pyrenex had a clear goal: to fully ensure the reliability of its data tracking. The project was ambitious, involving the implementation of comprehensive tracking without the support of an existing dataLayer. This approach required a solution capable of addressing this specific need while seamlessly integrating with key platforms such as GA4, Google Ads, and Meta.

What is a DataLayer ?
Imagine the dataLayer as an intermediate layer that stores all the information you want to track on your website - such as button clicks, items added to the cart, or pages visited. This data is then used by various analytics and marketing tools to understand user behavior.
The Solution: Addingwell's Server-Side expertise

"Not only have we successfully integrated data into key tools such as GA4, Google Ads, and Meta, but we have also significantly improved and enhanced our data collection process."

Collaborating with Addingwell enabled Pyrenex to adopt a Server-Side tracking strategy, thereby transforming their data collection. This approach not only ensured the integration of Server-Side data with leading analytics and advertising tools but also paved the way for a range of significant qualitative benefits:

  • Data reliability: Bypassing ad blockers through Addingwell strengthened the accuracy and reliability of the collected data.
  • Preparation for the post-cookies Era: By sending user_data directly from Addingwell's tracking server, Pyrenex equipped itself to effectively anticipate the announced end of third-party cookies.

The qualitative impact of this transition to Server-Side Tracking is undeniable. Pyrenex now enjoys improved, secure, and future-proof data collection, positioning the company advantageously to navigate tomorrow's digital landscape.

The key role of TrackAnalyse

This success wouldn't be complete without mentioning the crucial role played by TrackAnalyse and Romain Trublard. As a certified partner, their expertise in integrating Addingwell was instrumental. Their contribution ensured a smooth and effective transition to Server-Side Tracking, highlighting the importance of close collaboration between advertisers and their technology partners.

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Your transition to Server-Side with Addingwell

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