Revolutionizing Online Campaign Attribution: The CJ & Addingwell Partnership

Revolutionizing Online Campaign Attribution: The CJ & Addingwell Partnership

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, accurately attributing online campaign success is becoming increasingly challenging. Ad-blockers, browser restrictions, and the impending phase-out of third-party cookies have made it harder for marketers to capture critical data. This challenge is particularly acute for affiliate marketing, where missing data can mean missing out on recognizing significant conversions.

This is where the new partnership between CJ and Addingwell comes into play. By combining CJ's robust affiliate marketing platform with Addingwell's innovative server-side tagging solution, we’re setting a new standard for data collection and attribution.

What is Server-Side Tagging?

Server-Side Tagging (SST) is a method used in digital marketing and web analytics where tags, scripts, and other tracking elements are executed on the server instead of on the client (user's browser). This approach contrasts with traditional client-side tagging, where tags are embedded in the website's HTML and executed by the user's browser. Server-side tagging is then profitable for any organization looking to enhance data privacy, improve site performance, ensure reliable data collection, and overcome the limitations of client-side tagging. Major e-commerces, high-traffic websites, digital marketing agencies, and businesses facing challenges with ad blockers are already benefiting Server-Side tagging, and with the ongoing third party cookie sunset, It is only a question of time for all websites to switch to this new tracking standard.

Key Components and Benefits of Server-Side Tagging:

1. Improved Performance:
- Reduced Load Time: By offloading the execution of tags to the server, the load time for the user can be reduced, leading to a better user experience, especially on mobile devices.

2. Enhanced Data Security and Privacy:
- Data Control: Server-side tagging allows more control over the data being collected and sent to third-party services, helping to ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
- Pseudonymization and Anonymization: Data can be processed and anonymized before being sent to external services, enhancing user privacy.

3. Increased Reliability:
- Consistency: Tags executed on the server are less likely to be affected by client-side issues such as ad blockers or browser compatibility issues.
- Error Handling: Server-side environments often have more robust error handling capabilities compared to client-side execution.

4. Data Quality and Accuracy:
- Reduced Data Loss: Since the tracking is not dependent on the client’s browser, there is less chance of data loss due to issues like browser crashes or user navigation away from the page.
- Unified Data Collection: All tracking and data collection can be centralized, leading to more consistent and accurate data.

How Server-Side Tagging Works:

1. User Interaction: A user visits a website or interacts with an application.
2. Event Generation: User interactions generate events that need to be tracked (e.g., page views, clicks, form submissions).
3. Data Collection: These events are sent to the server instead of being processed by the browser. This is typically done using a first-party domain to ensure data integrity.
4. Server Processing: The server processes the events and executes the necessary tags, which might involve enriching the data, pseudonymizing it, or performing other transformations.
5. Data Forwarding: The processed data is then sent to third-party services (e.g., analytics platforms, marketing tools) from the server.

Why does Addingwell make perfect sense for CJ Affiliate users ?
Addingwell's numerous features allow you to bypass ad blockers, achieve Safari 16.4 resilience, and consistently enjoy scalability and reliability with a 99.95% SLA

1. Enhanced Data Tracking and Accuracy
Improved Tracking: Addingwell's server-side tagging ensures that data is collected more reliably and accurately, bypassing ad blockers and browser privacy restrictions. This is crucial for affiliate marketing, where accurate tracking of clicks, conversions, and user behavior is essential for determining commissions and campaign effectiveness​​.

First-Party Data: By using server-side tagging, Addingwell can maintain first-party cookies longer, even with browser privacy updates like Safari's ITP. This helps in tracking users over longer periods, which is beneficial for affiliate programs that rely on understanding user journeys and conversion paths​​.

2. Better Performance and User Experience
Reduced Client-Side Load: Offloading tracking to the server reduces the load on the client's browser, leading to faster website load times and a better user experience. This can increase conversion rates and enhance the overall performance of affiliate campaigns managed through CJ Affiliate​.

3. Enhanced Security and Compliance
Data Security: Addingwell’s server-side infrastructure provides better security for handling user data. This is particularly important for affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate that handle sensitive financial information and personal data. Ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA is easier with server-side data processing.

4. Advanced Analytics and Optimization
Detailed Insights: Server-side tagging allows for more detailed and comprehensive data collection. This data can be used to generate deeper insights and more sophisticated analytics, helping CJ Affiliate and its partners to optimize their marketing strategies and increase ROI​.

5. Scalability and Reliability
Handling High Traffic: Addingwell's scalable infrastructure can handle large volumes of traffic without compromising performance. This is crucial for affiliate marketing, where traffic can spike during promotions or sales events​​.
Global Reach: Addingwell’s global CDN and multi-zone infrastructure ensure that data is processed efficiently regardless of where the traffic originates, supporting the global reach of CJ Affiliate’s network​​.

6. Seamless Integration and monitoring
Easy Setup: Addingwell offers a user-friendly setup that requires minimal technical expertise, making it easier for CJ Affiliate and its partners to implement server-side tagging without extensive IT resources​​.

Importance of Addingwell's Tag Health feature for CJ Users:
Addingwell is the only Server-Side Platform with a full monitoring & Alerting service. This guarantees your customers and CJs the best possible Server-Side data collection

- Real-Time Issue Detection: Addingwell's tag monitoring and alerting feature allows CJ users to detect and address tracking issues in real time, ensuring continuous and accurate data collection for affiliate campaigns.
- Minimized Revenue Loss: By promptly identifying and resolving tag failures or misconfigurations, CJ users can prevent potential revenue loss caused by untracked clicks or conversions.
- Enhanced Data Accuracy: Continuous monitoring ensures that all tags are firing correctly, leading to more reliable and accurate tracking data, which is crucial for performance analysis and optimizing marketing strategies.
- Improved Compliance: Real-time alerts help maintain compliance with data privacy regulations by ensuring that tags are functioning as intended and not collecting unauthorized data.
- Operational Efficiency: Automated monitoring reduces the need for manual checks, saving time and resources while ensuring that tracking mechanisms are always operational.
- Performance Optimization: Quick identification of underperforming or malfunctioning tags enables immediate corrective actions, optimizing the performance of affiliate campaigns and improving overall ROI.
- Peace of Mind: Knowing that tag performance is constantly monitored and that any issues will be immediately reported provides peace of mind to CJ users, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks.

For more details, you can explore Addingwell’s documentation on tag monitoring and alerting.


The partnership between Addingwell and CJ Affiliate leverages the strengths of both platforms to provide enhanced tracking accuracy, better performance, improved data security, and advanced analytics capabilities. This collaboration ultimately supports more effective and efficient affiliate marketing campaigns, benefiting both advertisers and publishers within the CJ Affiliate network. As an added bonus, all CJ Affiliate customers can enjoy all Addingwell features for free during their first contractual month by following the steps below:


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