Server-Side Tracking : Boost Your Digital Marketing

Server-Side Tracking : Boost Your Digital Marketing

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, methods of data acquisition, analysis, and processing are constantly evolving. In the era of data protection and transparency, it's imperative to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Among these, one trend is emerging strongly: Server-Side Tracking. But what exactly is it, and why does this technology offer a multitude of advantages from both a marketing and technical perspective ?

What is tracking Server-Side Tracking ?

Server-Side Tracking is a method that allows for the collection and processing of user interactions directly at the server level, rather than through the user's browser. This contrasts with more traditional Client-Side Tracking, where the majority of the processing occurs in the user's browser.

In the current context, Client-Side Tracking faces an increasing challenge : restrictions imposed by web browsers on the use of third-party cookies. These restrictions, aimed at protecting user privacy, have direct repercussions on digital marketing campaigns. As cookies are increasingly being blocked or limited in their functionality, companies are finding it more and more difficult to collect high-quality data for their analyses and advertising campaigns. This shift in regulations and browser behavior has the effect of diminishing the reach and effectiveness of Client-Side Tracking, making the search for alternative solutions like Server-Side Tracking all the more relevant.

Why adopt Server-Side Tracking ?
  • Preserve Your Cookies : Server-side tracking allows you to keep your cookies even in restricted environments like Safari, thereby providing better insight into user behavior and optimizing your campaigns.
  • Optimized Marketing Performance : With more accurate data collection, server-side tracking provides a better understanding of user behavior, thus enabling a more data-driven marketing strategy. Better data collection leads to better analysis, allowing for more precise and effective marketing actions.
  • Improved Data Governance : By processing data at the server level, you regain control over what you share and eliminate the risks associated with third-party pixels. You decide what is sent, when, and how..
  • Protect User Data : Centralizing data processing ensures better security. Sensitive user information is protected from external threats.
  • Reduced Load Time : By offloading heavy processing tasks from the browser, server-side tracking significantly speeds up your page load times.
  • Improved Attribution : One of the biggest promises of server-side tracking is accurate attribution. With first-party cookies, conversion tracking is not only more precise but also more durable. This means that interactions can be tracked and attributed over a much longer period.
  • High-Quality Audiences : The ability to create superior custom and lookalike audiences is a real game-changer for targeting and remarketing.
  • In-depth Analysis : Unlock the potential of metrics across all your marketing channels to better assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.
How to adopt Server-Side Tracking ?

Adopting Server-Side Tracking is an undertaking that, although crucial in the digital age, can initially seem technical and intimidating. The first essential step is to conduct a thorough evaluation of your needs. Consider what you expect from server-side tracking, what your objectives are, and which data are absolutely essential for your business.

The next step is technical in nature. Is your current infrastructure suitable for this technology ? This could mean revisiting or adjusting your current server, or even considering adopting an entirely new solution to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Once the technological structure is in place, the human aspect comes into play. It's not enough to simply have an informed team : you need an engaged team, ready to intervene at any moment, 24/7. The digital world never sleeps, and problems can arise at any time. Make sure your team, whether it's marketing or IT, is well-trained and ready to act in case of issues. Their understanding and ease with this new method are essential for its successful implementation, but beyond that, their responsiveness and continuous availability are just as crucial. Flawless monitoring, quick interventions, and constant surveillance are the keywords for successful implementation.

With all these demands and the constant effort that such a system requires, one can feel overwhelmed. And that's where a partner like Addingwell becomes invaluable. Not only are we here to assist you at every step, but we also offer you peace of mind thanks to our exceptional availability guarantee and our unfailing support, at any hour of the day or night.

Why Addingwell is your Server-Side ally
  • Turnkey Solution : With Addingwell, there's no need to delve into internal development. Configure your tracking in just a few clicks and let the magic happen.
  • Assured Transparency : Continuous monitoring in six regions of the world and regular checks ensure that you have a clear view of your network performance at all times.
  • Multi-Zone Infrastructure : Wherever you are in the world, Addingwell's servers guarantee optimal performance.
  • Integrated Tools : The included load-balancer and CDN optimize your data collection while boosting your site's performance.
  • Reliable and Robust : Settle for nothing less than perfection with our 99.99% availability guarantee.
  • Premium Support : Our team of experts is at your disposal at every step, to implement your use cases.
  • Smooth Transition : Transition to server-side tracking without compromising your current client-side tracking methods. Addingwell ensures complete compatibility.

Server-side tracking is more than just a trend; it's a revolution in how businesses perceive and use their data. And with Addingwell by your side, you're not only equipped for this revolution, but you're also assured of staying ahead of the curve.

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