Vente Unique & Addingwell: Bypassing Adblockers with Server-Side Tracking

Vente Unique & Addingwell: Bypassing Adblockers with Server-Side Tracking

In today's digital marketing landscape, characterized by rapid technological evolution and new stringent regulations, companies face significant challenges in ensuring effective and compliant data collection. Vente-Unique, a major player in online sales, has recognized the need to adapt to these changes to maintain the performance of its main acquisition channels. Through a strategic collaboration with Addingwell, Vente-Unique has successfully navigated this complex environment.

Understanding the differences between Client-Side and Server-Side Tracking

Before delving into the solutions provided by Addingwell, it is crucial to understand the distinction between client-side tracking and server-side tracking. Client-side tracking involves collecting user data directly through scripts executed on the website by the browser. This data is then sent to the company's or third-party servers for analysis. However, this method is increasingly hindered by adblockers, browser restrictions, and the phasing out of third-party cookies.

Server-side tracking, on the other hand, collects user data on the server before sending it for analysis. This means that the data is less likely to be blocked by browser extensions or privacy restrictions. Additionally, Server-Side Tracking offers greater reliability and better protection of user privacy, as data is processed in a more secure and less intrusive manner.

The challenge: Adapting to a post-cookies world

Vente Unique, aware of the imminent obsolescence of third-party cookies and the limitations imposed by adblockers and browser updates like Safari 16.4 or IOS 14. The company faced a critical need to maintain the effectiveness of its main marketing acquisition channels such as GA4, Meta CAPI, and Pinterest, without relying on traditional data collection methods. The challenge was significant: How to preserve the performance of acquisition channels in an increasingly hostile tracking landscape?

Solutions and benefits: Adoption of Server-Side Tracking with Addingwell
Gregory Schurgast - CIO Vente-Unique
"The implementation of Server-Side Tracking by Addingwell to power GA4, Meta CAPI, and Pinterest, while bypassing adblockers and adapting to Safari 16.4, proved to be essential."

The partnership with Addingwell enabled Vente-Unique to implement a Server-Side Tracking infrastructure that effectively bypasses adblockers and seamlessly adapts to browser constraints. Key results of this collaboration include:

  • Data Reliability: The partnership with Addingwell has enabled Vente-Unique to establish a Server-Side Tracking infrastructure that effectively bypasses adblockers and seamlessly adapts to browser constraints. The main outcomes of this collaboration include data reliability. By circumventing adblockers, Addingwell has enhanced the accuracy and reliability of collected data, enabling a clearer and more precise understanding of user behaviors.
  • Effectiveness of Acquisition Channels: The precise and comprehensive data collected through Server-Side Tracking has led to more targeted and effective marketing campaigns on platforms such as Meta, Google Ads, and Pinterest. It has also resulted in more accurate attribution analysis in Google Analytics 4 due to a maintained cookie on Safari. Thanks to the robustness of this approach, Vente-Unique has been able to optimize its marketing strategies and significantly improve the return on investment of its advertising campaigns.
  • Simplified IT Processes: One of the major benefits of adopting Server-Side Tracking has been the simplification of IT procedures. Thanks to Addingwell's platform, which integrates a set of ready-to-use technical specifications, Vente-Unique's IT teams have been able to focus on their core business and sales rather than spending time on R&D for this type of constantly evolving project. Addingwell's turnkey solution enabled the infrastructure to be deployed quickly.
  • A swift installation project with Addingwell : The rapid implementation of Server-Side Tracking through Addingwell was a decisive factor for Vente-Unique. Addingwell provided a comprehensive technical solution, enabling Vente-Unique's IT teams to focus on their primary objectives. Addingwell's responsive support allowed business teams to maintain control over the project without needing to involve DevOps for monitoring and platform tracking.

Vente Unique's successful adoption of Server-Side Tracking with Addingwell demonstrates the power of innovative digital solutions in overcoming modern marketing challenges. This collaboration not only addressed immediate technical obstacles but also positioned Vente-Unique at the forefront of digital marketing strategy in a post-cookies world.

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