Discover We Love Digital: New Addingwell certified partner

Discover We Love Digital: New Addingwell certified partner

The continuous dynamism and innovation in the digital marketing realm underline the vital importance of a robust and forward-thinking network of certified partners. At Addingwell, we deeply cherish collaborative relationships and the exchange of expertise that our network of certified partners brings.

We are thrilled to spotlight We Love Digital, our new certified partner. This collaboration marks another step in our commitment to offering innovative solutions and enriching our network with partners who possess notable expertise and a shared vision of success in digital marketing.

Introduction to We Love Digital

Could you briefly introduce We Love Digital? What is your mission and what types of services do you offer to your clients?

We Love Digital is an agency specialized in Social Ads & Search with unique expertise in e-commerce. Today, we support our clients on Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat & Google Ads platforms.

What sets us apart from other agencies is our complete mastery of e-commerce acquisition, as our team consists of performance managers who have all worked within e-commerce brands and agencies before joining us. Our added value also lies in focusing our actions on generating incremental revenue for our clients. Having impressive numbers within advertising platforms is not enough if it does not contribute to our clients' growth. Therefore, we have a holistic vision rather than solely focusing on advertising platforms.

We assist our clients with issues such as optimizing conversion rates and LifeTime Value, in addition to actions related to managing their advertising platforms.

The agency has been established for 1 year, and we are currently generating growth for all our clients. This is evident, as no client has left the agency since its inception.

Discovery of Addingwell

How did Addingwell come into your path? What prompted you to explore our Server-Side Tracking solution?

Addingwell was an obvious choice due to the support offered and the quality of its infrastructure for implementing and monitoring our actions.

The importance of Server-Side Tracking

In your opinion, what is the importance of Server-Side in today's digital ecosystem? How does it change the game for your clients?

Server-Side allows us to better control the data sent to third-party platforms, reduce data loss related to ad blockers, maintain first-party cookies (ITP), improve matching rates on platforms, and enhance loading times for our clients' sites. The benefits are numerous and have a significant impact on our clients.

However, Server-Side does not solve CMP issues as sometimes erroneously believed, but it remains fundamental for e-commerce brands.

Return on investment

Can you share a success example or a case where the implementation of Server-Side Tracking via Addingwell has generated significant ROI for one of your clients? What were the challenges, and how were they overcome?

We always conduct post-implementation AB testing to identify Addingwell's contribution. We can now see that it brings an incremental conversion rate of 10 to 30% on platforms for some clients. While 10% may seem low, for high-volume e-commerce brands, this can represent a significant additional daily volume, so it is not negligible.

Become a certified Addingwell partner

Are you a freelancer or agency leader aspiring to push the boundaries of digital acquisition? Join our network of certified partners. Addingwell offers you not only cutting-edge technology to refine your clients' digital strategies, but also a partnership enriched by knowledge sharing and mutual growth.