From Facebook Pixel to Conversion API: What if CAPI is the Cure for Your Campaign ROI ?

From Facebook Pixel to Conversion API: What if CAPI is the Cure for Your Campaign ROI ?

Did you know that advertisers can lose up to 40% of conversion data due to ad blockers and tracking restrictions ? In today's digital world, tracking conversions is an integral part of the success of any advertising campaign. However, with increasingly strict privacy standards and cookie blocking, tracking conversions is becoming more and more challenging. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: Facebook's Conversion API (CAPI).

The Era of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel, also known as Meta Pixel, is a data collection tool that allows businesses to make the most of their ads on Facebook and Instagram. In tech-speak, it is a script that you insert into the code of your website. This script then collects data to allow you to analyze advertising conversions, optimize ads, generate targeted audiences for future ads, and retarget users who have already taken an action on your website. The pixel operates by placing cookies in the visitor's browser, which is known as Client-Side tracking.

However, there are increasing limitations to this renowned Facebook Pixel. Indeed, not to mention ad blockers that prevent data collection, browsers and operating systems like Safari and iOS have implemented restrictions to limit the use of third-party cookies. Since the end of third-party cookies, Safari and iOS do not allow the execution of third-party cookies and limit first-party ones to 7 days. (For more on the changes introduced by Safari 16.4, check out our dedicated article.) These restrictions have a significant impact on Facebook's efficacy in these environments.

The Arrival of Facebook CAPI

It is in this context that Facebook developed the Conversion API (CAPI), a Server-Side technology that allows for circumventing the issues encountered by the Pixel. Unlike the Pixel, CAPI doesn't run in the user's browser but directly on the server. CAPI directly sends to Facebook events generated by user interactions with your site, such as page navigation, adding an item to the cart, or finalized purchases.

Unlike the Pixel, which relies on cookies in the visitor's browser for tracking, CAPI gives you direct and complete control over the data you share and when you share it. This offers better accuracy of tracking data and avoids issues related to cookie blockers and restrictions imposed by certain browsers.

The use of the Facebook Pixel will soon become obsolete for almost all traffic. Why? In addition to browser restrictions like those from Apple and iOS and ad blockers, recent news has challenged the future efficacy of the Facebook Pixel. Google Chrome has announced plans to eliminate third-party cookies starting in the first quarter of 2024. This latest news heralds the beginning of a new era with Facebook CAPI.

Facebook CAPI is THE new Server-Side tracking method you can rely on!

Here's a brief summary :

Thanks to Facebook CAPI, it is possible to track user behavior even when tracking restrictions are activated and the Pixel is blocked, because CAPI operates server-side and directly sends information to Facebook, unlike the Facebook Pixel which operates on the user's browser side. Therefore, tracking data via CAPI is significantly more reliable.

Facebook CAPI has the ability to send real-time offline events. All interactions or conversions that take place outside the digital context can thus be captured and integrated into the data stream. This significantly improves the quality of the data in your advertising campaigns and also gives you increased control over the information you track and how you use it to optimize your marketing efforts.
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