The End of Third-Party Cookies: Why is Server-Side the Future of Tracking ?

The End of Third-Party Cookies: Why is Server-Side the Future of Tracking ?

Third-party cookies, those omnipresent small files on the web, are facing their final days. With the imminent decline of third-party cookies, one question remains: is Server-Side tracking the solution ?

Third-party Cookies : What's That?

When you browse a website, it records your actions through cookies. Third-party cookies, unlike first-party cookies which are created by the site you visit, come from another website. These are text files placed on the user's browser by a domain different from the one they are visiting. For example, if you visit site A, a cookie placed by site B (like Facebook) would be considered a third-party cookie. These third-party cookies are primarily used for advertising actions, such as retargeting and behavioral targeting. They allow platforms like Facebook or Pinterest to display relevant ads based on your browsing activities. These cookies also track the user's browsing activity across different websites, giving advertisers an overview of their behaviors, preferences, and online habits.

Conversely, a first-party cookie is generated and placed by the site you are visiting. These first-party cookies mainly serve to facilitate and personalize the user experience on the site. They can remember information such as your browsing preferences, adding items to a shopping cart, or login information like your username and password. Their main goal is to enhance your experience on the site and enable certain features to make navigation smoother and tailored to your needs.

Why Will Third-party Cookies Disappear ?

The primary reason for the disappearance of third-party cookies is privacy protection. With the emergence of strict regulations like the GDPR, transparency has become paramount. That's why browsers like Firefox and Safari have decided to block these cookies. Safari, in particular, implemented ITP, to which Apple adds updates and restrictions every year. Next on the list is Chrome, which has announced the removal of third-party cookies by 2024.

The Server-Side Solution

Server-Side tracking, on the other hand, shifts data collection from the client side (user's browser) to the server side of the company or website. When a user performs an action on a website, such as filling out a form or clicking on a product, the data is sent directly from the website's server to the tracking server, without going through the user's browser. It is for this reason that, in the face of these changes, Server-Side tracking emerges as a promising alternative solution.


Privacy : Server-Side tracking is generally considered to be more privacy-friendly, as it doesn't require storing information on the user's device and can be more transparent.

Reliability : It is not blocked by browsers or ad-blocking extensions, thus providing more reliable tracking data.

Data Governance : It ensures better control over the data sent, ensuring that only essential information is shared, while respecting user privacy. This gives data control directly back to advertisers.


Complexity : Implementing Server-Side tracking can be technically more complex and may require more resources in terms of development and maintenance. (Need an expert hand? Addingwell can make your life easier by handling this for you! Check out the end of the article.)


Website Speed : By offloading the browser from heavy processing tasks, Server-Side tracking significantly speeds up your page loading times.

Increased ROI : Boost your media campaign returns by 20% thanks to better data collection.

Better Attribution : One of the biggest promises of Server-Side tracking is accurate attribution. With first-party cookies, conversion tracking is not only more precise but also more lasting. This means interactions can be tracked and attributed over a much longer period.

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